Digital Film Which Camera Would You Use?

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What Camera Would You Use If You Had Digital Film?


A long while ago many of us camera loving crazies noticed a post either on Facebook or an Ad which got us instantly standing & hearts racing with delight, someone somewhere had finally developed a simple changeable digital film sensor for all your old 35mm cameras.... Or so we thought. In fact it all turned out to be a elaborate hoax which left a lot of enthusiasts to let out a rather dissatisfying sigh eventually causing such a stir that the sensor trolling war lords had to post a disclaimer on their website stating it was fake. With that being said it doesn't go far to say that the clever rascals behind the hoax probably opened the floor to the question as to why something this simple doesn't exist rather then the need for old heavy digital backs. 


This then got me thinking, what if they had developed an easy installable digital film. I'm not referring to just the 35mm I'm talking about full frame sensors for any camera. what would your old school love be?


My Choice & Personal Favourite The TLR (Twin Lens Reflex)

Yes it's bulky and you constantly look like your staring at your shoes but these quirks don't just give the camera character they also have some advantages over their SLR cousins for example it was easier to take lower shots without laying on the ground as the view finder was facing up and because it was much larger with a grid you could easily make sure your shots were level. To me whenever I looked at the classic 6x6 prints that these cameras produced I always felt a sense of elegance almost as if you were seeing the world through someone's else's heart warmed memory .


Why Take The Time To Enjoy Retro Cameras


See I'm the generation of Photographer who although has used film cameras to learn photography I have never used them for professional means and have always depended on digital. Don't get me wrong full frame digital has continued advancements in technology which allows us to go further to create more beautiful works of art, but that's doesn't mean that old school doesn't have its advantages. There is so many satisfying aspects when holding an old heavy film camera in your hands that you just don't get with a DSLR, such as the sense of being able to gauge what ISO, F & shutter speed you should be using without the use of a reader, or the modern shutter sounding more like a Star Trek space gun then an actual mechanical snap. With film you have a bigger sense of imagination because you can't see what the images look like until you developed them and because film is an expense and not so readily expendable you have to get your shots right. That's where the modern convenience of the SD cards have some what in my opinion relaxed peoples effort to creative detail because they have lost the excitement due to being able to take as many shots as they want.


If you wish to explore retro cameras and are wondering where you can find a reliable mechanical marvel have no fear there are plenty of sources out there, but that does not mean don't be cautious as there are plenty of people who would sell a broken one just as easily. My advise would be to steer clear of private Ebay sellers altogether and purchase from either collectors with a reputable background or camera stores because believe or not they do sell retro cameras quite often and although the prices vary you can pick up one rather cheap.



















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