How To Build Your Confidence In Photography Pt 1

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How To Build Your Confidence Within Photography

Part 1: Don't let your personal image make you ridged.


Firstly you can take a breath of relief believe it or not you wouldn't be the first person who found it hard to break the confidence barrier when working in Photography, as a matter of fact most professional photographers you see today have at one point gone though a similar predicament. It takes a lot of courage to talk to people you don't know especially if you're trying to set the right impression whilst at the same time attempting to prevent coming across closed off to avoid that awkward moment.


One of the biggest obstacles an aspiring photographer tends to face is the trouble of getting over their own personal self image, worrying too much about how they conduct themselves within a photoshoot and over look that the whole process is supposed to be fun and light hearted, this in turn tends to lock them up making them less approachable. Believe it or not knowing your skills behind the camera is only 50% of the job the other half is customer relations and how much they enjoyed the experience, because if they don't enjoy the experience they will be less likely to want your services again. What we want to do is rid you of this fear to make you not only more confident in the way you feel but more comfortable in the way you portray yourself to your clients.


Luckily for you, you have an abundance of little helpers willing to help you overcome your predicament, I'm of course referring to members of your own friends and family particularly any children within your inner circle and let me explain why. You will soon learn whilst working with children that most conventional methods don't usually work as all they will want to do is play, to them it's similar to your experience as a child when your parents used to take you down the supermarket/mall and your only hope to alleviate the boredom was beg them to take you to the toy isle. With that in mind you must adapt in order to make it into a fun experience for them and will come to realise that the very thing that you were worried about (self image) is the one thing that you must go against in order to get the atmosphere you want to make it an enjoyable experience in that given situation. That being said you will soon come to the conclusion that it will have an opposite effect to the one that you were expecting instead creating a comfortable atmosphere between you and your clients opening a foundation to build upon.








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