Why I Decided To Start My Photography Business

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Why I Decided To Create My Own Photography Business

There is time in everyone's life where they want to take their passion to the next level, I myself am very lucky I found my passion for Photography at a very early age and it never ceases to challenge and excite me when undertaking a new project and have thoroughly enjoyed my time working for others, however I had always felt like there was something missing. A gap where although I was always able to challenge my skills I could never truly call it my own as I never had direct control and this is when I decided the next logical step was to create my own business.

Nothing is more enticing then the prospect of owning your own business yet the overwhelming thought of how to do such a task can deter one from even trying. Before you know it questions begin to pop into your head such as where to start, how do I get regular or enough clients to support myself and the business, how can I stand out against competitors etc.

I myself am guilty of this, even to go as far as to use my business as a small income generator whilst continuing to work in another job out of fear of it never taking off the ground which in turn was very frustrating. It was then that I realised that the only person who was standing in my way was myself so finally I am taking that big leap to grow and develop my business.

I'm going to be writing regular updates of the steps that I'm going to undertake in order to develop and grow not to just to fulfil my goals but to also help others who might be afraid as I was of holding back on their aspirations, goal and dreams. In fact I'm taking one of those steps right now, by writing this blog and as you're reading this you have already learned a little about me, my story and what I do so as you might have guessed my first step is advertising.

I've decided that the best starting point to advertise my business is to utilise online methods and why wouldn't you, you have an almost infinite audience with a large number of platforms to project on the question is where to start first there are so many to choose from. In this instance I will be starting small and work my way up the ladder so to speak such as Facebook pages, Google +, Linked In Etc and use this to demonstrate my capability and to get my name onto the business spectrum and monitor the results by watching which different types of posts get the most traffic to devise more efficient method and apply it successfully.





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